Introducing H3

The H3 Wellness Hub for Health & Hygiene is a modular bathroom system that has been designed for superior mobility, installation and maintenance.

H3 fits into a variety of built environments and will connect directly to sanitation, fresh water, and electrical utility services. H3 also includes HVAC, hot water, natural lighting, and porcelain fixtures just like at home or in an office.

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  • Engineered to be lifted and hoisted vertically, H3 can be carried with a forklift for deployment on even the most demanding projects.
  • The H3 built-in wheel system can lock in place and easily roll around for versatile positioning on each jobsite.
  • Sized to fit in a manlift, H3 can fit into tight spaces.
  • Much like the bathroom in a home or office, H3 can be cleaned with traditional cleaners and does not need the harsh chemicals used in traditional portable restrooms.
  • H3 provides an enclosed, climate controlled space as well as hot water.
  • The hub connects directly to outside sewer services or holding tanks; thus reducing odors and increasing cleanliness.

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